Yesterday at Dunfermline Crematorium I had the honour of reflecting on the 93 years of Jimmie’s life. Many in Kelty Bowling Club will remember him from Ladies Day and he left a request that I read one of his poems at his service and I have the families permission to share it with you.

I’ve asked Margaret Ewing
To read a few lines
To remind all the bowlers
Of all the good times.

Remember the hat nights
And Saturday dances
Remember the games
When you missed all your chances

I hope that your Ladies Day
Goes on for years
Remember the good times
Don’t shed any tears

Remember the Skips day
A day to have fun
It was no fun for me
I got beat 19 – 1

Remember those bowls
When they just widnae bend
So, it’s goodbye from me
For I’ve played my last end……….

Jimmie will be sadly missed by his family and friends.